The Simpsons x Santa Cruz Skateboards

D’oh! It’s probably the best collab. I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. Santa Cruz skateboards and The Simpsons, Duff beer, Homer and Bart, Check out the interview and the whole lot of the best decks made to date…
@ Santa Cruz Skate

The Simpsons debuted in 1989 and are entering their 23rd season. Bart has been a skate icon for all this time, is this really the first time he’s collaborated with a legit skate brand?

This is the first time Fox has partnered with a skateboard hardgoods brand in the U.S. Bart is quite the veteran and did take skateboarding to the mainstream even before Hawk. We’re stoked

That being said, what was the genesis for this project? Did The Simpsons come to you, did Santa Cruz approach The Simpsons?

We approached 20th Century Fox with the idea, looking to do a collab. As it turned out, there were huge Santa Cruz fans at Fox.

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