The Tuesday 25 with Alex Schmidt

Photo: Ryan Lusteg

1. Warm up trick:

2. Breakfast food:
Banana and coffee

3. Trick to hate on:
That all depends on who’s doing it

4. Trend in skateboarding:
Flying babies

5. Jason Lee movie:
Vanilla Sky

6. Ex Stereo rider:
Ethan fowler 360 flip a hydrant

7. Current Stereo rider:
The whole Stereo team

8. Recent video part:
Leeper in the rain

9. Video part of all time:
Jason Dill, Photosynthesis

10. Song from a skate video:
The Kinks “Animal Farm”

11. YouTube sensation:
Bobby Fischer documentaries. Interesting dude

12. Thing to get for free:
Pannikin Coffee

13. Thing to be asked at a demo:
“Wanna play SKATE?”

14. Musical act:
Andrew Bird’s whistling

15. Current am:
Jordan Taylor

16. Pro of all time:
Richard Angelides

17. Place to travel to:
The world

18. Person to travel with:

19. Road trip essential:
Camera and skateboard

20. Fast food order:
Something delicious

21. Movie:
Being John Malkovich

22. TV show:
Curb Your Enthusiasm

23. Band you've seen live:
Cass Mccombs

24. Skate spot:
University of Leucadia park

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Self expression

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