The Tuesday 25 with Braydon Szafranski

1. City for skating:
Las Vegas

2. Skate video:
Jump of a Building Toy Machine

3. Actor/Actress:
Danny McBride

4. Band/musician:
Von Scott AC/DC years

5. Skatepark:
Desert Breeze in LV

6. Restaurant:
Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

7. Video game:
OG Super Mario Brothers

8. Holiday:

9. Quote:
“Not here for a long time. Here for a good time.”

10. Sports Team:

11. Vacation spot:
Im in London right now, but anywhere where my friends

12. Skate shoe:
My Emerica shoe

13. Book:
Frog and Toad

14. Beverage:
Jack Daniels

15. Movie:
Hot Rod

16. Go-to-trick:

17. Thing to do alone:

18. TV show:
Robot Chicken

19. Partner in crime:
Thomas Wheeler (Degreasers what!?)

20. Song from skate video:
Damn thats a tough one. Anything from old school
Plan B years. And “Get by with a little help from your friends”, The Beatles

21. Car company:

22. Non-Skate Magazine:

23. Skate website:

24. Non-skate, non-porn website:
For the homies by the

25. Thing about skateboarding:

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