The Tuesday 25 with Corey Huber

Fakie backtail
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:
The Nac

2. Thing about Waynesboro:
Not a damn thing.

3. Thing to do when it’s Winter in Waynesboro:
Dream of being somewhere warmer.

4. Skate spot:

5. Go to trick:
Backtail slider

6. Video part of all time:
Ask Siri

7. Dream sponsor:
Cook Out for sure.

8. Thing to do when not skating:
Shoot the shit with Alison.

9. Skate video to watch before skating:
Sight Unseen or local videos are always good.

10. Video you watched as a kid:
First Love

11. Set up:
Expedition 8.38, Thunder 147, Spitfire 52 mms, Mob Grip and Bones bearings.

12. Website (skate):

13. Website (non-skate):

14. Food:
Taco taco burrito burrito.

15. Drink:

16. Quote:
“Roodypoo candy ass”

17. Pro:
Jake Johnson

18. City you’ve visited:
Hardly any, like to visit some soon.

19. Jameson story:
You wanna get good tricks or great tricks?

20. Music to skate to:
Radio? Who needs a radio, you ready Harry?

21. Trend:
Skinny jeans sagged

22. Filmer:
Ask Siri

23. Warm up spot:
Good flat ground or a non packed skatepark

24. Am right now:
Mark Suciu

25. Thing about skateboarding:

Corey’s Sponsors:
Expedition One (flow)
Etnies (flow)