The Tuesday 25 with Jordan Maxham

Frontside Feeble Transfer
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

1. Warm up trick:
No comply 180s

2. DIY Spot:
It was a random foundation spot in the middle of Vermont. It was so fun, and very hidden.

3. Hometown heroes:
Collin Hale, Marshall Heath and Josh Shay.

4. Daily skate homie:
Chis Colbourn

5. Too much time is spent:
Figuring out what spot to go to. Sitting on the couch.

6. Place to travel to:
I’m tryn to get to Australia, ride a kangaroo.

7. Thing about Vermont:
Fresh air, down to earth people.

8. Current am:
Sebo Walker

9. Current pro:
Its a tie between Marc Johnson and Andrew Reynolds.

10. Homie video:
Spliff Mode video all day son!

11. Band of all time:
I like a lot of hip hop but actual band I would say The Shins.

12. Thing to do when you're not skating:
Eat, smoke, sleep. With my girl. Haha

13. Person to travel with:
A Filmer, lets call him Ira.

14. Snack:

15. Movie:
Ever seen a 1950’s movie called Harvey? Check it out if you haven’t.

16. Thing to YouTube:

17. Quote:
Belee dat.

18. Skate shoe:
Lakai Marc Johnson.

19. Non-skate website:, it has all he newest weezy songs before anyone else.

20. Book:
Surfing the Himalayas

21. Favorite Celebrity:
Morgan Freeman

22. Song from a skate video:
Anything Reynolds bonus part from This Is Skateboarding. Electric Blue.

23. Skate video of all-time:

24. Favorite Warco skate trip:
SF loose change trip. Fucking awesome.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
I feel free in my skateboard. Nothing can bother me when I’m skating.

Jordan’s Sponsors:
Mountain Dew