The Tuesday 25 with Josh Anderson

Dirt grab
Photo: Garric Ray

1. Go-to-trick: Kickflip

2. Warm up spot: Bellevue Plaza, flat-ground for days…

3. Thing about living in Washington state: Most diverse place on Earth. Where else can you find cities, mountains, volcanoes, desserts, forests, rainforests, farmland, lakes, rivers, oceans, and a neighboring country all within a few hours of each other. Not to mention good skating, good people and forward thinking.

4. Favorite Skateboarder Cover: Gino’s switch flip or KA’s backside 180 nosegrind.

5. Thing to do when not skating:
 Work, work, work, family, eat & sleep.

6. Video you watched as a kid: Penny’s section in 411vm #2. I can trace it all back to that moment. The aha moment.

Welcome to Organika – Josh Anderson

7. Website (non-skate one): I’ve been digging the Tattoo Age segments on VICE.

8. Thing about running a cruiser board company: Crafting by hand, sustainability, upcycling, giving back. –

9. How much money would it take you to eat a Big Mac?: Such an evil American question. No amount of money is worth my morals.

10. Skating with Karl Watson: Inspiring/positive/a privilege.

11. Drink: Water.

12. Homie video: 
Hot Fire, About Time, Sensitive Skate, Shuffl… So many talented homies.

Josh Anderson for Theeve

13. Best Skate shop and why: Alive and Well. Family.

14. Way to spend your money: Locally. Support the little guys.

15. Thing to get for free: Travel.

16. Current am: Michael Patterson.

17. Thing about being in love with Mariah Carey: I’ll never live that one down.

18. Worst skate trend: Following a skate trend. Be yourself.

Theeve Ams – Josh Anderson

19. Partner in crime: Harry Chippas.

20. Book: Grist for the Mill.

21. Too much time is spent: Working.

Josh Anderson – Manik Promo 2007

22. Beverage: Coffee in the morning/quality beer in the evening.

23. Pro when you were a kid: Penny, Arto, Ellington, Kenny Anderson, Muska…

24. Famous female/actress:
 Uhhh.. No clue. I’m horrible with famous people.

25. Thing about skateboarding: Feeling alive!

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