The Tuesday 25 With Louie Lopez

Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:

2. Recent video part:
Grant Taylor SB Chronicles

3. Thing about flip:
Flip is like one big family. Everyone has each others backs.

4. Meal:
Any of my grandma’s (Lita) homemade Guatemalan food.

5. Place to travel to:
I really want to go to Australia. I have heard that there is nothing but good times and good vibes out there.

6. Curren Caples story:
Too lazy to go to the bathroom right next to his bedroom, so he decides to shit out of his bedroom window.

7. Thing about being homeschooled:
It has it’s pros and cons but one thing that sucks is it is definitely harder to get chicks. Haha.

8. iPhone app:
Instagram/ Temple Run

9. Rapper:

10. Book:
Wait for the movie.

11. Thing to do besides skate:
Chill with friends and family.

12. Thing about having your dad on a trip with you:
My dad is like a best friend to me. So when he is on trips, I’m hyped. It’s always good to share new experiences with a family member or homie.

13. Movie:
Don’t be a Menace of South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

14. Go to trick:
BS Smith

15. Skate spot:
Recently went on a trip to Mexico and there was a perfect concrete mini ramp but it wasn’t made to be skated. It was made for sewage.

16. Person to travel with:

17. Drink:
Vitamin Water

18. Non skate website:

19. Hair product:
Whatever is in the shower at the time.

20. TV show:
That 70s show

21. Car:
Old mustangs

22. Band:

23. Color:

24. Video part of all time:
John Cardiel Sight Unseen

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The feeling of accomplishing a trick is the best. Being on a skateboard is an indescribable feeling.

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