The Tuesday 25 with Nyjah Huston

Backside lipslide
Photo: Frankie Martinez

1. Go to trick:
Kickflip backlip

2. Warm up spot:
Costa Mesa skatepark.

3. Best memory:
Landing the nollie inward heel for the win in the 2011 Kansas Street League.

4. Worst memory
Falling through the air thinking I was dead trying back smith on La Holla 18.

5. Favorite memory:
Being introduced to the DC team.

6. Funniest memory:
Saying shit on live TV and the whole crowd laughing haha.

7. Funniest teammate:
Mike Mo

8. Favorite teammate:
Chris Cole

9. Best teammate:
Ishod Wair

10. Worst teammate:
Evan Smith

11. Thing to do when not skating:
Ride dirt bikes and party at my house.

12. Video part of all time:
Chris Cole New Blood.

13. Website (non-skate one):
Youtube. Car videos all day.

14. Pro when you were a kid:
Eric Koston

15. Guilty pleasure:
Beer Pong

16. Fast food order:
I dont eat fast food.

17. iPhone app:

18. Partner in crime:
David Loy

19. Thing about Chase Webb:
He randomly whips his dick out far too often.

20. Ways to spend your money:
Cars on cars on cars

21. Thing to get for free:

22. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Why did you cut your dreads?”

24. Book
Skate mags.

24. Current skate trend:
Stance Socks

25. Things about skateboarding:
The challenge, the fear, and the endless progression.

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