The Tuesday 25 with Oscar Meza

Frontside Nosegrind
Photo: Tim Cisilino

1. Warm up trick:
Ollies and pushing around

2. Skate video:

3. Website:
All the mag sites

4. Skate spot:
Your girlfriend’s college

5. Pro when you were a kid:

6. Band:
The Doors

7. Current project:
Working on a full online video part for Flip that drops October 8th.

8. Fast food order:
Double double no unions and banana peppers on the side with cheese fries and lemon up!

9. Flip tour memory:
Luan laying inside his sleeping bag for over 5 minutes before realizing there was a dead snake inside. Shit was crazy!

10. Beverage:
Monster son!

11. Video part of all time:
Arto’s Menikmati part

12. Skate shop:

13. Flip teammate story:
Too many

14. Movie:
The Breakfast Club

15. Thing you wish you could get for free:
A Porsche would be nice.

16. Person to travel with:
The whole Flip family.

17. Living in Downtown LA:
Artsy chicks, cruising the city, sushi and bomb pesto chicken paninis.

18. Board graphic:
Flip Hate Kill Destroy graphic!

19. Current am:
Alec Majerus

20. Current pro:
Duffel is still crushing it! His latest interview in Thrasher was sick as fuck!

21. Travel destination:
Not quite sure yet. I’m going on a trip next month just don’t remember where I’m going.

22. Song from a skate video:
King Crimson, “21st century Schizoid Man That’s Life intro song! Video had a huge impact on my skating.

23. Quote:
“No Pain No Gain”

24. Thing about Arto Saari:
He’s the type of guy that has that “I’ll build it myself ” type of approach, which is rad! He can get pretty dangerous with the chainsaw and lighter fluid at 3 in the morning! #besthuman

25. Thing about skateboarding:

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