The Tuesday 25 with Ryan Spencer

Backside lipslide
Photo: Ben Karpinski
1. Warm up spot:
Cherry Park or a miniramp if you got one

2. Foundation trip you've been on:
Just one so far, El Paso to AZ

3. Ex foundation rider:
Heath! C’mon!

4. Current Foundation rider:
Dakota Servold, he good

5. Part from a Foundation video:
Tony Silva That’s Life

6. Place to travel to:
Hawaii’s always nice but for no more than two weeks.

7. Person to travel with:
Sinclair, stories for days

8. Thing to be asked at a demo:
I’ve only done one demo (in El Paso) and they all spoke Spanish so I have no clue.

9. Trick to pull out in games of SKATE:
Bastien flip if you wanna play dirty

10. Skate trend:
Not giving a shit

11. YouTube sensation: 
Antoine Dodson

12. Skate photographer:
Hard to pick just one but I’ll say Gaberman and of course the homie Sam Muller who’s killin’ it and needs a job somewhere already! 

13. Non skate photographer:
I could never pick, one but Larry Clark is pretty raw. 

14. Recent video part:
Nick Boserio AWS life splicing clip

15. Song from a skate video:
“Damaged Goods,” Gang of Four (Daniel Shimizu, That’s Life)

16. Video part of all time:
Jake Johnson, Mind Field

17. Thing to do at home in Hawaii:

18. Thing to do on the mainland:

19. Hawaiian food:
Spam musubi

20. Thing to get for free:
I’d like to get indys for free but I’ll buy them for the rest of my life if I have to.

21. Musical act:
Van Morrison 

22. Skate legend/folklore:

23. Guilty pleasure:
Fine wine

24. Famous female: 
Elissa Steamer

25. Thing about skateboarding:
The relation between me and my board.

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