The Tuesday 25 With Sid Melvin

Frontside 180 to fakie 5-0
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

1. Warm up trick:
First try kickflip

2. DIY Spot:

3. Pre-mustashe memory:
Thinking I need to grow a mustache.

4. Daily skate homie:
Dylan Willams

5. Current fashion statement:
Long sleeve tank top.

6. Place to travel to:
The UK is always rad, only a minor language barrier.

7. Thing about Bakersfield:
It's so hot right now!

8. Current am:
Lil' Cody Chapman and Dylan Willams

9. Current pro:
Daewon Song. He is always killing it.

10. Homie video:
Ooh La La. It's a good watch. Go find it.

11. Book:
Willow in paperback

12. Thing to do when you're not skating:
Work my square job and sleep.

13. Person to travel with:
Emmanuel Guzman, crazy times…

14. Snack:
Tecate aka red drink.

15. Movie:
Tank Girl or Willow

16. Thing to YouTube:
Best cry ever, then Best Cry Ever auto-tuned

17. Quote:
What's a quote?

18. Skate shoe:
Duffs KCK (Kareem Campbell Kicks)

19. Non-skate website:

20. Thing to waste your money on:
Tons of guns

21. Fave Celebrity:
Warwick Davis from Willow

22. Song from a skate video:
Heath Kirchart's Morrissey song "Speedway" in Mind Field

23. Skate video of all-time:
Asian Goddess (Hook-Ups)

24. Thing to be asked at a demo:
Are you Ritchey Jackson?

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It's skateboarding!