The Tuesday 25 with Sierra Fellers

Varial heelflip
Photo: Ely Phillips

1. Warm up spot:
Cherry Park

2. First trick ever learned:

3. Non skate activity:
Camping, shooting guns and filming skits and funny stuff with my homies.

4. Favorite tv show:
South Park

5. Best thing about Montana:
Family and friends, The summertime, the best camping spot ever and the skateparks.

6. Up and coming AM:
Micky papa and Tommy Fynn.

7. Best skate video part:
Reynolds part in “The END”.

8. Skate video of all time:
Not sure if its the best of all time. But “Fulfill the Dream” made one of the biggest impacts on my skating.

9. Best road trip:
Both trips to Montana with the homies.

10. Youtube sensation:
Kyle the good neighbor.

11. Movie of all time:
Action- Brave Heart. Comedy- Dumb and Dumber. Drama- Moonrise Kingdom. Horror- I Hate em All. Fantasy- Lord of the Rings.

12. Skate trend for 2013:
Clogging pheeds.

13. Favorite skate photo:
The photo that Bryce Kanights gave me for my birthday. It’s tim brauch doing a crook on a garbage can off a curb cut.

14. Favorite quote:
Life’s a garden, dig it.

15. Best era in skateboarding:
The 2000’s

16. Dream travel destination:
Pretty much anywhere I haven’t been before. So like Japan, Thailand, Israel and new places in China.

17. Goals for 2013:
Skate more than 2012. That’s fa sho!

18. Song of all time:
Golden lady by Stevie Wonder.

19. Little known fact about yourself:
Great sense of humor.

20. Instagram or Snapchat:
You can’t compare the two. But if I had a gun to my head, I’d have to go with Insta.

21. Film a line , or film a banger:
I love to get my bang on!

22. Favorite skate memory:
Meeting Tim Brauch when I was 10. He told me to never stop skating.

23. Dream sponsor:

24. Favorite skater:
Dennis Durrant.

25. Best thing about skateboarding:
The freedom that comes with just being on your board. Haha, sounds kinda gay reading that back to myself. But it’s true. Freedom is tight!

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