The Tuesday 25 with Trevor Colden

Backside noseblunt slide
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:

2.Thing to do in VB:
Skate my local park the Plaza and go fishing!

3. Thing to do in CA:
Chill and skate Blackbox and skate all the awesome spots!

4.Emerica shoe:
Reynolds Cruisers and the G Codes

5.Video game:
Call of Duty

6. Place I’ve ever been to:
Probably Texas so far.

7. Person to travel with:
Everyone on Emerica and Mystery.

8. Way to spend money:
Snacks at the gas station.

9. Food:
Spicy nacho Doritos

10. Thing to get for free:
New socks

11. Movie:
Your Highness

12. Cartoon character:
Johnny Bravo

13. Song from a skate video:
Justin Brock’s from Southern Comfort

14. Beanies:
Emerica and Reign beanies.

15. Recent video part:
Brandon Westgate’s!

16. Skate video of all time:
I really like the Black and White Mystery video and Stay Gold

17. Pro:
Heath Kirchart and James Hardy

18. Current am:
Ishod Wair. That’s my boy!

19. Non-skateboarding website:
Instagram (@trevcolden)

20. Restaurant:
Red Lobster

21. TV show:
Man vs. Food

22. Thing to do when not skating:
Probably fishing

23. Band:
Jimi Hendrix

24. Board graphic:
Jimmy Carlin Mystery Freak Show

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Hanging out with all your buddies and traveling!

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