The List: Daewon Song

The List: Daewon Song

Manuals Daewon hasn't done, but probably will soon
1. Nollie 360 flip nose wheelie to nollie 360 flip out.
2. Fakie double flip fakie manual, fakie double flip out.
3. Howard heelflip to manual, frontside 180 to fakie manual to Howard heelflip out.
4. Nollie gazelle heel to manual, backside 180 fakie manual, half-cab out.
5. Frontside flip fakie manual, frontside half- cab flip out.

Spots you can spot Daewon skating
1. Burrough Banks
2. Carwash Banks
3. Ripon skatepark
4. Chino skatepark
5. Any double-sided red curb

Wall ride fakie photo-Reda

Favorite Rodney Mullen tricks
1. Half-cab crooks to nollie inward heelflip on a picnic table. And the inward heel wasn’t like a pressure flip, he really kicked it.
2. His nose wheelie, nollie flip, nose wheelie at Dorsey school.
3. His nosegrind to nollie impossible was sick.
4. His primo grind to nose wheelie.
5. Nose wheelie, nollie impossible to manual. He did that a while ago but it's in Round 2, actually all these tricks are in Round 2.

Most underrated skaters
1. Alan Peterson
2. Chany Jeanguenin
3. Cooper Wilt
4. Dan Drehobl
5. All pool skaters

Tricks Daewon wants to see Rodney stick
1. Backside Smith grind the deep end of a pool.
2. Kickflip Primo slide to backside 180 in the middle of the slide.
3. Nollie impossible nose grind.
4. The loop.
5. Fakie flip to Primo slide.

Timeless influences
1. Christian Hosoi
2. Natas Kaupas
3. Eric Dressen
4. Rodney Mullen
5. Chris Haslam