3rd lair

Team Skateboard Competition

Minneapolis, Mn.
The 3rd annual TOP SHOP – Team Skateboard Competition was held on April 15th – 17th, 2005 at the 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, Mn. The 3rd Lairs own team of young, up and coming rippers upset the heavily favored Fobia team. Bad Boyz Toys, being lead by Kyle Terbush, just missed second place. Cal Surf placed a very respectable fourth place, followed by the Warp Skatepark / MB Boardshop. These top 5 teams all received a cash payment for their combined efforts.

Individual standouts were Marissa del Santo from RQ Boardshop, she scored an 87 which was one of the highest of the entire contest. Only, Junior Mint could top her for ‘Best Run’ honors. Eddie Kochendorfer, won the ‘Best Trick’ with a kickflip noseslide, kickflip crooks, and heelflip backside 5-0, he received $350 plus $100 from Roots and for his gnarlyness.

24 Shops from all over the country participated in this 5 man, amateur, team skateboard competition. Head judge Jason Rothmeyer, one of the most respected in the industry flew out to partake in this annual event held at the 3rd Lair SkatePark in beautiful Minneapolis, Mn.
2005 was the 3rd Annual TOP SHOP and next year’s will be even bigger with more teams, more cash, another Skateboard Trivia Contest and a free Skateboard Trade Show Event with companies soon to be confirmed such as Accel Wheels, Project Hardware, Split Clothing, Listen Skateboards and many more.

The 3rd Lair invites you to participate in next years Fourth Annual TOP SHOP. Please contact Mark Muller at mark@3rdlair.com to get involved.