The List: Play It Again…

One More Time!
Songs used twice in skate videos

1. Frank Black "Los Angeles"
Eric Koston, Yeah Right!
Jason Maxwell in Prime's Five

2. Lifeline "Nothing To Lose"
Joe Gruber, Vision's Cup-A-Skate
Montage, New Deal's Useless Wooden Toys

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Y Control"
Kenny Anderson, Hot Chocolate
Montage, Clich's Bon Apetit!

4. Sebadoh "It’s So Hard to Fall in Love"
Dorian Tucker, 411#28 "Rookies"
Intro, Art Bars: Subtitles and Seagulls

5. Cheap Trick "Surrender"
Salman Agah, Label Kills
Montage, Land Pirates

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival "Green River"
Montage, The Dreams Of Children
Montage, Land Pirates

7. Metallica "Battery"
Platinum section, Stars and Bars
Montage, Church Of Skatan's Holy Rollers

8. Public Enemy "Welcome To The Terrordome"
Montage, Holy Rollers
Daniel Castillo, The Chocolate Tour

9. The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"
Jesse Erickson, Man Down
Montage, Hokus Pokus (cover)

10. The Police "Roxanne"
Montage, Evol's Back in Black
Montage, Krux's, Blown Out

11. Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"
Daniel Haney, Arcade's Gumbo
Lindsey Robertson, Dying to Live

12. Real Life "Send Me An Angel"
Montage, NC Clothing's Tilt Mode!
Montage, Blown Out
Joey Brezinski, The FKD Video

13. Van Halen "Ain't talkin' 'Bout Love"
Jeremy Wray, One Step Beyond
Montage, The FKD Video