Tampa Am

Tampa Am 2005 brought to you by DVS shoes and Hawk clothing

The AM contest of all am contests. That's right Tampa, Florida. Kids come from near and far to roll the dice and see who is going to come up. When I say roll the dice I mean literally roll dice. At any given time you can see fellas passing the time by taking a quick roll. On the decks of ramps, in a shoe box out in the van or back at the hotel. You might come up, you might lose it all. It's all a roll of the dice. For some practice and focus pay off. Skate good, land tricks and have fun. That's what gets you to the finals. Here is who got what street and vert. Also check out some random photos of what's going on and off the course. Also video from the finals. Nyjah Huston doesn't roll the dice he's just good ! Oh he's only 10 years old ams and pros watch out !

Street Finals

1. Nyjah Houston
2. Sean Conover
3. Danny Rosario
4. Dominique Johnson
5. Willy Akers
6. Danny Cerezini
7. Tory Pudwill
8. Sierra Fellers
9. Tommy Sandoval
10. Anthony Janow
11. Keegan Sauder
12. Dave Kaule

Vert Finals

1.Chris Gregson
2.Josh Borden
3.Lyn-z Adams-Hawkins
4.Packy Fancher
5.Dan Stephan
6.Jesse Mcdonald
7.Mike owens
8.Zack Miller
9.Taylor Smith

Winner Of The Skateboarder Magazine Best Slam Award
1. Sean Malto (Face plant during his run)