Tony Hawk turns back clock, becomes oldest skateboarder to nail a 900

The legendary Tony Hawk is best known for becoming the first skateboarder to stick a 900 during a competition — a trick so difficult that it required 11 attempts during the 1999 X Games, for an athlete who had seen the trick play out in his mind for 10 years. That remains one of the top moments in X Games history. More recently, however, Hawk made headlines in the action sports universe after becoming, at 43, the oldest skateboarder to nail the 900, which involves 2 1/2 rotations above the vert ramp and is difficult even for today’s top young pros.

Hawk turned back the clock and stuck the trick days after his birthday, during a demo tour in Sweden. He tweeted about the accomplishment and, during an interview on Wednesday, he explained that it just felt right at the time. “It’s still hard for me; it’s still a big deal for me to do it,” he said. “I don’t really plan it, it usually just happens in the moment — if I feel like the ramp is good and the crowd is behind me, then maybe I’ll start trying them.

“For me it was a milestone not only because of my age but because I had fractured my pelvis over the summer and I hadn’t tried one since.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Hawk has in store when he turns 50.