Torry Pines Skate P.E. Class

That's right Torry Pines high school in Del Mar California has a skate P.E. class. Class is held two days a week in the morning from 10-11:30 at the YMCA in Encinitas. The school said as long as there was enough kids to make a class they could have it. They already have volleyball, tennis, surfing so why not skating. The teacher Mr. Olive says the kids never miss class and they do get their exercise. Mr. Olive does not skate but he has a good time watching the kids. There are about 20 kids in the class and they range from beginner to sponsored. Some just like to skate and others like Marius Syvenan are sponsored riders. They get their credit for P.E. and they get to practice. If your school does not offer skate p.e. you better get some friends together and try and get something going. If you live where it snows maybe you could get some flat bars and a wedge and do it in the gym or basement. It's all up to you.