Trevor Jacob Lands Double Backflip While Skating Across America

Get ready, snowboarding’s double cork craze is entering the skate world. Trevor Jacob recently landed what is being called, by some, the first-ever double backflip on a skateboard. The 18-year-old pro snowboarder who resides in Mammoth, California stomped the trick at the Woodward skate camp in Pennsylvania during a journey skateboarding across America.

The video of Jacob landing the trick is circulating on the web, but there’s some debate over whether the trick is real double cork, double flip, or just exactly what it is. Skate legend Danny Way doesn’t think the trick qualifies as a true cork and told ESPN “There’s a huge difference in corked rotations and straight-up flips. Night-and-day difference in the take off and the commitment with flipping. [During] a real flip there is no exit. Blind the whole way. And you must complete the second flip or you’re breaking your neck.”

Regardless of whether Jacob’s trick is actually a true double cork or not, it’s still an impressive feat. We managed to track down Trevor to find out about the motivation for the trick and what he’s doing skating across America:

What was your inspiration to skate across the country?
My inspiration was nothing but skateboarding. I love skateboarding and I’ve heard of people doing it before. I just wanted to see my country as a whole and in a way not many people get to see it.

What is your planned route?
We don’t really have a planned route. We just had a few skateparks picked out and we just have been winging it, trying to find fun skate spots and cool experiences.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this trip?
I dont have any expectations for this trip. That’s why it’s so much fun and that’s why the double backflip was such a surprise– because I had no intentions of trying it.

Tell us about landing the double.
I tried it 108 times so it was pretty exciting when I landed it. I was just super happy that the goal I set out for myself that day ended up working out.

What other badass tricks do you have up your sleeve?
For now that’s the only trick I would be trying to figure out the rest of the way back to California haha. I have some other things I would like to try that are non-skateboarding but we’ll see!

Double cork, double flip, or double what? You decide.

In related news, Jacob was found onboard a train in Ohio late Tuesday night and was charged with criminal trespassing and railroad vandalism… Double Whammy.