Tuesday 25 with Jake Donnelly

Jake Donnelly has good frontside flips.
Photo: Ely Phillips

1. Part in Since Day One:
Mr. James Hardy

2. Part in any Real video:
HUF in Real to Reel

3. Thing about Buffalo:
Family and friends

4. Thing about Cali:
San Francisco 

5. Food:
Clams on the grill 

6. Song from a skate video:
Shit, I don’t know.

7. Place to travel to:

8. Album:
It’s Gucci! Ha

9. Movie:
Friday. I just recently saw Debo on a flight.

10. Question to be asked at a demo:
Want a beer?

11. Thing to get for free:
Basketball shoes for my brother.

12. Quote:
“Fuck it”

13. Current am:
Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Jake Johnson

14. Current pro:
Justin Brock ,Grant Taylor, James Hardy

15. Beverage:
Rogue Dead Guy Ale

16. Memory from filming Since Day One:
Can’t name just one. Best time of my life.

17. Three 6 Mafia Song:
“Half on a Sack,” “Powder Get You Hyper,” “Let’s Plan a Robbery”

18. Warm up spot:
The box out front of the shop.

19. Photographer:
Gabe Morford

20. Board graphic:
Van Wastell’s first board 

21. SF spot:
Green ledges under the bridge. They aren’t even that good, I don’t know why I like them so much.

22. Restaurant:
The Chop House!

23. Guilty pleasure:
Shitty music 

24. Skate video:
Photosynthesis and Real to Reel

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It’s always there for you! ROLL FOREVER.

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