Under the Radar: Bucky Miller

Bucky Miller, Buck De La Cruz, Buck De La Buckdown, Stamos De La Buckingham… Which one of your many alias fits you the best?

I’m really a fan of all of them. Stamos De La Buckingham
probably makes the least sense, which is rad, but Buck De La Buckdown is just classic. Plus you’ve got the whole Mark Carroll-written song going along with that one, so that’s a definite bonus.

True, Explain Mark Carroll to people. Keep in mind this is not MIKE Carroll…

Mark Carroll is pretty much the keeper of all things awesome in the greater Phoenix area. There’s not really too much you can say about the dude, you have to meet him to know what’s up.

Good call. So what’s the deal with Phoenix? Why is it so awsome? Also what’s a normal Day for Buck De La in the greater Phoenix area.

There’s a ton of things that make Phoenix such a totally radical place, but I guess the main thing would have to be the insane amount of skateboarding possibilities. I’m pretty sure there’s fifteen skateparks within an hour of my house, and most of them are really good. Then there’s all the ditches, street stuff, and pools. It’s more than worth the 120 degree summers. A normal day for me would be waking up and nerding off for a while, then going skateboarding once everyone starts to get going. At the very least, Tempe park sesh from eight to close is a close to nightly occurance. Oh, and there will definitely be a bowl of cereal consumed at least once over the course of all that.

Word. So you have made a couple local videos. Do you consider yourself a filmer?

No. I enjoy filming sometimes, but only when I’m not skating the spot for one reason or another. The videos are just fun. I like making things my friends will be stoked on, but I’m by no means a professional.

Would you say your a BROfesional?

Brotally, my friend, brotally.

So how is it in this world of handrails and big jumps, that a fairly young fellow like yourself got so into skating trannies?

First off, lets say “transition.” “Trannies” has some strange connotations, from time to time. But anyways, I started out skating street, but soon after that PV Park opened and I got really hyped on skating the bowls. I met Chris Livingston there, who used to be a vert pro for H-Street, and he kind of showed me the ropes in the beginning. I do enjoy skating street as well, though.

Thats cool, so do you skate with alot of the old desert bowl guys out here, like Colvin, Boat, Wrex Cook, dudes like that?

I’ve only skated with Colvin and Wrex maybe two or three times each, Cody more than that but still not that often. Those dudes are awesome though, and it’s always fun. I generally just end up skating with whoever crashed at pastry house, tagging along with you somewhere, or going to the park by myself, as somebody’s bound to be there.

It’s kind of cool how our scene revolves around the parks and you can allways see someone you know there no matter when you go. Do you think this makes all the kids in AZ amazing skaters? Because most of them are… The parks I mean.

It’s gotta be a combination of that and being able to skate year-round. It’s sick to be able to go to the park and always have a good session happening, cause it keeps you going and if you’re over it or something you can just sit back and watch Tubbs kill the bowl or Marty do something that I don’t understand what he did. And Vlad’s there, so you’re stoked.

Matt Price: Well put. So I think we can be about done maybe. For an ender ender, whats your favorite Yacht Rock Band and If you were to play any Yacht Rocker in an A and E Biography who would it be?

Wow, that’s a tough question. I’ve been listening to a lot of Steely Dan lately while I skate, so probably the Dan as of now. As far as who I would play, I’d like to believe I could handle Loggins, but that might be wishful thinking.

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