Volcom Nutstravaganza

The coolest thing about mini ramps is that pretty much everyone can skate them. Whether you're a vert jock a street guy or a pool troll, chances are, you've spent some time skating a mini-ramp. So when the folks at Volcom put out the invite for the first U.S. pro mini ramp comp in over a decade, some very eclectic riders showed up to compete for the $10 thousand dollar purse.
The Nutstravaganza went down right smack in the middle of the Florida Surf Expo. This meant the floor was constantly teaming with boozing industry bros and scantily clad spokes models. Team Pain built the ramp for the contest, a 60 ft. wide mini with 7 and 8 ft. extensions and some Animal Chin obstacles on the deck. The pros who showed up to skate ranged from Chris Haslam to Anthony Furlong to Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus.

After the 12 cut was decided, everybody got one 45-second intro run, then it was 20 minutes of jam session. The final jam turned out to be so insanely hectic, and the judges said they couldn't fairly decide a winner. Basically, that meant that with 4 -6 guys riding the ramp at the same time it was hard to see everyone skating. So after 25 minutes of full-blown charging, everyone was given one last run. This is where Carlos De Andrade threw down one of the best mini-ramp runs ever, clinched the victory and took home the $5,000 first-place prize.

Final Results
1. Carlos De Andrade
2. Kyle Berard
3. Chris Haslam
4. Anthony Furlong
5. Mike Peterson
6. Tony Froude
7. Dennis Busenitz
8. Alan Mesquita
9. Jud Heald
10. Chad Shetler
11. Jimmy Marcus
12. Tim Johnson