Volcom’s Todd Bratrud Art Show

What’s green and pink with scales all over? The Todd Bratrud art show presented by Volcom Stone of course. The LA edition went down this past Friday at the Stone’s La Brea store and featured: slithering art, limited edition lizard paraphernalia and enough cold-blooded adult beverages to go around.

I cruised in at around 8:00 pm and got a chance to check out the art before the crowd got on it. It is a collection of some of the sexiest lizard ladies I have ever seen. I had actually heard that Godzilla was pissed because a couple of his ex’s were featured, and he planned to make an appearance.

Anyway, Volcom threw a fun party with lots of give-a-ways, so everyone got to bring home a piece of this collection. As the night went on, and my visits to the adult beverages area began to add up, I thought I heard him. I had my back to the party when all of a sudden I felt the presence of something big, as his shadow engulfed me, I turned to see. Was it Godzilla? No, just a member of “The Volcom Security” making his rounds.

Here’s some pictures from the night. The blurriness and effects are intentional I wanted to show what I was seeing as the night went on, and I began to know the bar workers very well:






This lady rules!

Volcom founder, Richard “Wooly” Woolcott through my blurry party vision.