Watch skaters in DC, LA shut down traffic on Go Skateboarding Day

On Tuesday, thousands of skateboarders across the globe took part in the 13th annual celebration of Go Skateboarding Day, which the International Association of Skateboarding Companies (IASC) describes as a holiday that acts as an “excuse for skateboarders to make skateboarding their top priority.”

Hordes of skateboarders shut down traffic in major cities across the country from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.

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The largest presence might have been in downtown Los Angeles, where roughly 300 skateboarders headed east through the city, bringing traffic to a standstill. Police told KTLA that the skateboarding crowds were mostly peaceful and that no arrests were issued during the event:

But the festivities weren’t confined to the city known as the birthplace of skateboarding.

Skateboarders also took to the streets of Tampa:

Pike Street in Manhattan saw groups of skaters roll through:

And scores of skateboarders took over Dupont Circle and 14th Street in Washington D.C.:

All of the gatherings appeared to be peaceful and in the spirit of fun, which supports the IASC’s mission for Go Skateboarding Day: “For skateboarders to have fun, to raise awareness about the issues we face; to show the world what skateboarding is really all about; to reclaim our culture; and to define skateboarding as the rebellious, creative celebration of independence it continues to be.”

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