X Games Vert and Big Air

Vert Best Trick and Big Air from Los Angeles

Bob Burnquist and Danny Way come out on top at the X Games. These guys are driven; both of them suffered repeated slams, both of them ignored the beatings and moved on to take Gold.

Vert Best Trick

The crowd was behind Shaun White and his 1080 attempts. He did not land any so Bob Burnquist snuck in there and won the whole thing. Bob “warmed up” with a blunt on a ridiculously tall and narrow extension. Bob said he “Knew the blunt would not win but they put up the obstacles and I wanted to show the audience something different” Good point Bob. Team Pain, who built the ramp, had put up some obstacles on the ramp for best trick; a concrete bench, the tall extension and a fun box type thing. None of the tricks that got podiums utilized the obstacles but it was still cool to see them get used. Rune utilized the bench and the extension in addition to his trick over the channel but the judges went for the flashier tech tricks instead.

For the most part, best trick contests are a lot of bails with a few spectacular makes. Colin Mckay deserved 2nd place with his full on street maneuver he brought to vert. PLG followed Colin. Sandro Dias did not even make the podium with his 900. That means the more technical trick are they new thing or that Sandro has 900’s down so much that the judges do not regard it as highly anymore. As Bob put it “It is pretty crazy when a 900 does not get a podium”

Vert Best Trick was pretty wild but the crowds really came out for Big Air.

Big Air

Danny Way pretty much invented this event and even though this was the second year they had it, there was no ho-hum factor. The amount of balls it takes to step up to this thing is insane. Danny had broken his foot in China and was hobbling around on a cane the previous night. How he even entered the comp, no one knows. Danny Way has the fire in him for sure. Highlights include Rob Loriface making it into the finals at only 17 years old. Bob did an insane 180 kick flip over the gap, what is that? Bob packed pretty hard in his forth run and limped off the ramp but still managed to go again. Jen O’Brien, Bobs girlfriend said he can keep going because “He eats healthy, stretches and has lots of Acai”. Bucky pulled harder trick combos than any one but went smaller and missed out on the podium. Andy Mac won his millionth X Games medal with a well deserved Bronze. Speaking of high medal counts, PLG took a bronze today to make it 3 medals for 2005 X Games. PLG won three silvers last year.

It was all about Danny though. The crowd was behind him; this was his event. He seemed to be having troubles though. He did have a broken foot though. What it takes to even jump off that thing and not be able to walk, well he is a machine, a legend. Speaking of which, Danny dedicated his run to Christian Hosoi, a legend himself. Christian invented the Christ Air in the 80’s but Danny took it to new levels, like 20+ feet over the lip. Danny pulled his run and it was not as tech as Andy but it was way bigger and more stylish, Danny took it in fine fashion. Besides, this event is called big air, not big techy air. Danny’s massive Christ airs were indeed a thing of beauty.

Were where the street skaters, I bet TNT could clear that thing, with a few beers in him.

Best Trick Results

1. Bob Burnquist, 540 lien to tail
2. Colin McKay, switch big flip over channel
3. PLG, nollie heelflip indy 5
4. Sandro Dias, 900 over channel
5. Rune Glifberg, backside kickflip to back lip over channel

Big Air Results
1. Danny Way, big gap frontside 3 to 20′ Christ air
2. PLG, big gap 360 to 21′ method air
3. Andy Mac, big gap 360 judo to 14 foot f-side saran wrap thing
4. Bucky Lasek, small gap frontside 360 to frontside heelflip
5. Rob Loriface,