Zered Bassett

Zered Bassett

You’ve been a busy guy lately. How has you’re life changed in the last 2 years?

Well (I’m) just traveling a lot. I dislocated my ankle almost a year ago it was my first major injury. Its taking a bit longer than I expected but its almost 100 percent. Other than that, I’ve just been skating New York a lot.

When you’re not doing demos, filming or touring the world what do you do at home?

I skate with my man lurker Lou a lot, I like to go out at night, hang out at my man Vinnie’s skate shop and I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto a lot lately

How does the skate scene on the West Coast compare to your scene in the East

On the east it seems like if you go to a skate spot there isn’t a lot of skaters there. But on the west coast most of the skate spots are flooded with skaters. I prefer to skate with as few people as possible.

Do you think growing up being somewhat isolated from the mainstream skate scene gave you some different elements?

I guess you could say that. I kinda always just did my own thing.

Do you set goals in your skating, or do you just take it as it comes?

I tried to set goals before, but skating is something that you have to take as it comes. That’s what I think.

Zered Bassett-Back Tail

If skateboarding hadn’t come along, what do you think you’d be doing right now.

That’s hard to say but I would probably have a normal 9 to 5 job and still live on Cape Cod.

What could you tell us that would surprise our reader the most?

Probably that it took me at least a month to answer this interview.

How was this summers tour schedule?

It was cool I went on two different premier tours with DVS which were super fun, than I went on a crazy Zoo York tour.
Where did you go?

I went to Cali for the first DVS trip then Costa Rica for the other one. Then on the Zoo York trip we went all over the US.

Did any battles break out?

On the zoo trip we stopped at a firework store and bought tons of explosives, then in the parking lot we had a crazy war. Then at every demo we went nuts.

Give us a few of you’re:

Influences: My family my friends and music

Favorite bands: Biggie smalls, Tony yayo

Favorite movies: Anchorman

Favorite places you’ve been to. Costa Rica

Favorite places to skate. New York, Boston, San Francisco

What’s next?

Working on the new Zoo York video, and just getting my ankle up to par.

Zered Bassett-Nollie Heelflip