30 freestyle skiers do backflip while holding hands, claim world record

Thirty freestyle skiers got together at Mont Saint-Sauveur ski resort in Quebec on Sunday and held hands. Then, they proceeded to ski off a ramp together—holding hands—and perform a 30-person backflip. Mogul freestyle skiing World Cup champion Mikael Kingsbury organized the jump, the participants of which believe it is the largest simultaneous backward somersault ever. We spare you the four minutes of introductions and cut right to where they are preparing to do the massive backflip:

A view from behind can be found here.

"Mikael had this idea a month or so ago and created a Facebook group where he invited the people he knew that could do a backflip easily enough to be confident doing it holding hands," another skier, Jerome Berneche, told Sky News.

"When he saw there was interest, he contacted the mountain [resort] to see if they could build us a jump wide enough and close a part of a slope for a day. They were kind enough to help us with this idea and made it happen."

Obviously, Kingsbury was among the jumpers, along with current or former members of the Canadian freestyle skiing team.

They practiced on the jump for two hours before they felt comfortable enough to give it a try. After an unsuccessful attempt, the 30 freestyle skiers landed the second backflip with hands still held.

"We were pretty stoked," Berneche told Sky News. "I don’t think anybody really expected it to work that well. We went for lunch [and] got a big poutine [typical Canadian dish] to celebrate."

Kingsbury hoped the jump would get into the Guinness World Records, but apparently they were too late submitting a request for a Guinness official to be there and certify the record.

Still, Kingsbury is staking his claim: