Pro skier Angel Collinson rag dolls down mountain, catches self with two fingers

Pro skier Angel Collinson has had an amazing 2015. She became the first female ever to win the prestigious “Best Line” award from POWDER Magazine in December.

Although, her year wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies. She took some really bad tumbles.

A new video was just released showing one extremely bad fall in which Collinson tumbles down the face of an Alaskan couloir like a rag doll. It happened last spring while shooting for a Teton Gravity film, Paradise Waits.

In the footage, she loses her skis and tumbles out of control.

Eventually, she comes to a breathless stop.

Collinson called the whole thing a learning experience and described the scary fall in detail.

The conditions that day were not great, and the snowpack was really terrible down where she fell.

“I lost control and then (tomahawked) for a little bit,” she said in a video. “I got really lucky I jammed two fingers and lost everything out of my pack but other than that I was totally fine.”

“Tomahawking” down a mountain is when the skier tumbles down head over heels, mimicking the motion of a thrown tomahawk.

Luckily, Collinson escaped the whole thing uninjured.

She said she learned from the experience and didn’t push herself for the rest of the trip.

“It’s hard to know that feeling in your gut whether you’re just a little bit nervous or you just don’t really feel like you’re on,” she said.

After taking a tumble like that, Collinson said she is paying more attention to her gut feelings.

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