Aspen hires former Louis Vuitton designer to create lift tickets

Aspen hires Takashi Murakami to design lift tickets

Just when you thought Aspen could not get any ritzier, you can now get designer lift tickets from Aspen Skiing Company. Photo: Joelkholland/Twenty20

Aspen Skiing Company has hired former Louis Vuitton designer and internationally-renowned artist Takashi Murakami to design its lift tickets for the upcoming season.

The 53-year-old Japanese visual artist has designed everything from handbags to dresses for the fashion giant during their 13-year relationship. His Multicolore Monogram bag for Louis Vuitton was ubiquitous in women’s fashion in the early to mid 2000’s.

Now, he has designed a technicolor lift ticket for the uber-ritzy Colorado ski resort that will commemorate the tenth anniversary of Aspen’s collaboration with the Aspen Art Museum.

While the tickets’ design is yet to be seen, Murakami’s art is often characterized by brightly colored animations. In 2007, he designed the cover art for Graduation by Kanye West.

Takashi Murakami Graduation Kanye West Album Art

Takashi Murakami, hired to design Aspen lift tickets, also created the cover art of Kanye West’s 2007 record ‘Graduation.’

Murakami is well-known for his prolific art and animation career, as well as his ability to blur the lines between what is considered high and low art.

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