Dozens of skiers fall from West Virginia chairlift

Yesterday morning, a chairlift malfunction at Timberline Four Seasons Resort in Davis, West Virginia, caused chairs to derail and fall from the lift.

It happened in the morning on Timberline’s Thunderstruck triple chairlift and 25 people fell.

Of those, nine were checked for injury and two people were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated.

The resort said the incident is the result of a mechanical malfunction.

Resort officials announced on Facebook yesterday that they’re still trying to figure out the cause.

“The cause of this failure is yet to be determined, pending a complete investigation by licensed engineers,” wrote officials.

They said something like this has never happened before.

“In our 30 year history, Timberline has never had a lift failure resulting in injury or in any way comparable to today’s malfunction, and the resort will continue to investigate the cause of this incident to ensure the safety of our skiers,” wrote officials.

Reuters reported that about 100 additional skiers had to be rescued from the chairlift.

It is unclear when or if the chairlift will open again.

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