Freaky weird skiing from Finland

Finland is known for its cross-country skiers and ski jumpers, but it’s not what we would consider a park-skiing center. Maybe that’s why three dudes from Finland have decided to brand their own type of park skiing, using urban surroundings and a wild streak of zany creativity to make some of the most ridiculously impressive ski edits we have ever seen.

Real Skifi, as the gang is called, has been making edits for about a year now, using props like skateboards, jungle gyms, and bicycles to promote their off-brand ski antics. The guys have combined a vivid imagination with circus-like balance—sliding rails while holding hands or even hitting features without any skis on whatsoever.

Last season their antics earned them the attention of American ski film company Level 1, which sent over its own rail maestro, Logan Imlach, to sample what the Finnish collective was cooking. The result? One very weird, very progressive edit from a corner of the world that deserves to be on the ski map. Here is that segment from the Level 1 movie Partly Cloudy. As a warning, don’t drink coffee while watching this because you just might spit it out.

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