Frightening POV footage of a skier falling into huge crevasse

Last December, Jamie Mullner was skiing on a glacier in the Swiss Alps near Zermatt when he suddenly found himself falling into a huge crevasse. Despite falling nearly 60 feet by his estimate, Mullner survived the terrifying ordeal and managed to capture his ensuing rescue on his GoPro.

(Warning: This video contains some profane language)

The video, posted Tuesday by GoPro, shows the very real danger crevasses pose to skiers and snowboarders on glaciers.

As heard at the beginning of the video, Mullner clearly identifies part of the crevasse before pointing his skis downhill. Still, despite recognizing the crevasse, Mullner falls through a snow bridge into an adjacent section of the crevasse.

Snow bridges form when snow drifts accumulate over the mouths of crevasses, making openings to the crevasse all but invisible. Given that they can conceal staggering falls like the one Mullner experienced, they can be lethal for mountaineers, skiers and snowboarders alike.

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