Pro freeskier Ahmet Dadali finds his yin and yang with fly fishing

You might not expect a world-class street skier to be a passionate fly fisherman. The two sports exist at different tempos — one frenetic and dangerous, the other methodical and mellow.

But Ahmet Dadali has been defying expectations ever since he burst onto the freeskiing scene.

The 28-year-old native of Canandaigua, New York, hones his craft in Colorado as one of the top street skiers in the world.

But, as he told Spy Optic, he spends his summers fly fishing to unwind and stay positive after a long, punishing winter of pushing his physical limits.

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Spy Optic See Happy Ahmet Dadali Fly-fishing

Fly fishing is a welcome reprieve after spending winter launching off rooftops with sketchy snow cover.

“When I’m out skiing, it’s always for the intensity of things,” Dadali says. Fishing gives him balance.

“It’s just such a relaxing thing to do after a long intense winter. Out on the river, I get to relax and feel the flow of the river. It’s nice to have that yin and yang balance with what you do in life.”

As much as he loves fishing, Dadali seems pretty content to be a skier most of the year.

“Growing up … I had the dream of being a janitor at a ski resort, that way I’d be able to ski all the time and I’d be able to make a little money and [get] a free pass,” Dadali told SPY.

“These days I’m able to actually make [skiing] into a profession, and it’s taken me all over the world,” he continued. “So I’m happy not to be cleaning out urinals right now. I guess I’m living the dream, you know?”

Spy Optic See Happy Ahmet Dadali Fly-fishing

There might be no better person to talk about “seeing happy” than a pro skier whose original ambitions were to be a janitor.

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