Lynx casually strolls past skiers at BC ski resort; video

On Saturday, skiers and snowboarders at the Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, British Columbia were greeted by an unusual sight: A Canada lynx, calmly strolling across a trail:

According to the resort’s Instagram post, the lynx was spotted in the area off the Black Forest Express lift, and it wasn’t the first time the cat had popped up at Big White.

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In fact, the resort posted a photo on their Facebook page Monday showing a linx they expected to be the same one that was spotted on the opposite end of the mountain off the Gem Lake Express lift:

While the Canada lynx is a fairly stable species — the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists its conservation status as “least concern” — spotting one in the wild is uncommon: The National Wildlife Foundation notes that the Canada lynx is elusive and avoids human contact.