Man attempts to gain $46M via GoFundMe to purchase snow resort

Wasatch Peaks Ranch for sale larger than Vail

For $46 million, you can have pristine this Utah powder on Wasatch Peaks Ranch all to yourself. Photo: Mirr Ranch Group

A 12,740-acre ranch in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain range with more skiable terrain than Vail Mountain Resort just came on the market for the bargain price of $46 million. And a man is already game to purchase, pending a few funding issues.

The property was originally purchased by Richard “Dick” Bass, who was the first investor at Vail and owner of Snowbird, way back in 1997.

But despite bordering nearby Snowbasin and offering the type of terrain that makes for world-class skiing and snowboarding, the ranch has remained completely undeveloped for the past 18 years.

With Bass’ death at age 85 this past July, the ranch is being offered for sale by the Denver ranchland broker Ken Mirr, owner of the marking company Mirr Ranch Group.

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"I'm not sure how many more mountains there are out there left to own," Mirr told The Denver Post, suggesting the ranch could be turned into a private ski area. "There are so many amenities. It's an interesting challenge because it really is more of a recreational property with some development potential."

And it seems Mirr’s pitch has caught the eye of some in the online community.

A man by the name of Mac Jaehnert started a GoFundMe page four days ago in an attempt to buy the property as a ski area for the ski community r/COsnow of the popular website Reddit.

“This awesome ski area is for sale and we would like to buy it,” Jaehnert wrote on his GoFundMeCampaign. “But we are collectively short 46 million dollars. Let’s make it happen for the good of America.”

Unfortunately for Jaehnert, after four days, it appears the patriotic ski bum is still $46 million short, as his campaign is yet to receive a donation.

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