Matchstick Productions looks back on 25 years of gnarly ski crashes; video

Founded in 1992, Matchstick Productions established itself as one of premiere ski filmmaking outfits a long time ago. With groundbreaking films like Ski Film and McConkey, MSP has had its hands in some of the best ski movies of the past two-plus decades.

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But you don’t get all of that awesome ski footage without compiling one hell of a crash reel. And Tuesday, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, the team at Matchstick Productions released a video showing some of the heaviest falls they’ve every caught on camera.

The five-minute video is not for the faint of heart:

“Usually you don’t make it to the top without some battle scars to go along with the journey. Broken bones, bloody faces, and dizzying tomahawks come with the territory of being a professional skier,” MSP wrote in the YouTube description of the video.

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“Being in the business of filming with the greatest skiers in the world for 25 years we’ve seen a lot of these moments,” the YouTube description continues. “Here are some of the the longest, dizzying, hard hitting, gravity fueled crashes from the last 25 years of filming.”

There are more than a few notable moments in the clip, like Mike Wilson’s massive undershoot of a custom-made 180-foot gap at Colorado’s Buttermilk Ski Area at around the 3:30 mark in the movie.

Mike Wilson somehow made it through that huge gap undershoot in one piece.

Wilson bruised both of heels, tore his right MCL and ACL, his left LCL, collapsed a lung, broke his right thumb and fractured his back in three places from the crash.

Don’t worry though, he still skis just fine.