My Canyons: With Olympian and Freeskiing Champion Kaylin Richardson

By Ryan Dunfee


A native of Edina, Minnesota, Kaylin Richardson has found a new home at Canyons. P: Shari Flemming

Kaylin Richardson got her start on skis racing slalom while growing up in Minnesota, training with an audacity that vaulted her onto the U.S. Ski Team in 2003. Her ten-year U.S. team career began with back-to-back NorAm slalom titles in 2003 and 2004 and culminated in appearances in the Turin and Vancouver Olympics. Along the way, Kaylin fell in love with Canyons Resort, and after much begging on her part, they eventually made her an Ambassador of Skiing. More recently, Kaylin's transferred her technical prowess and comfort with speed to the big mountains, winning the Freeskiing World Tour's North American Championship at Snowbird and securing time on the screen in Warren Miller Entertainment's 63rd film, "Flow State."


Place to ski on a Powder Day: 

If you are willing to wait for a while, you can wait with the other die-hard powder hounds at the bottom of 9990.  Once the lift opens, Magic Lines will get tracked out within an hour or two, but it might be the most epic ninety minutes of your life. If you're not one to wait, take a few laps on Peak Five Chair to keep an eye on when 9990 opens, since they are directly adjacent to one another.  For those more adventurous, Condor Woods is on the north side so it doesn't get as much traffic, but I warn you that the trees can get pretty tight!


Kaylin Richardson exhibits the moxie and skills that earned her two Olympic appearances and the 2012 North American Freeskiing Championship.

Place to get snacks for the powder day backpack:

If you are going out for a long outing and don't want to stop for lunch (there are lots of great on-mountain options, Cloud Dine is my personal favorite), drop by First Tracks Café in the lobby of the Grand Summit Hotel right at the base, next to the Orange Bubble Express. They have delicious deli sandwiches and other sundries that you can stow in your pack, allowing you to stay out all day.


Place to ski on a spring day:

Head to Phantasm Woods off the DreamCatcher Chair. The way that the sun hits it, the snow stays lighter longer up in the trees, and gets fun and buttery as you exit into the bowl.  Silverado Bowl under Orange Bubble gets baked early which can make for some super fun slush carving.

Place to take the family skiing:

Head to Iron Mountain, which is new as of two years ago and gets less traffic.  Take Mercury all the way down, but if there is traffic, shoot off skier’s right early to catch Copperhead—more often than not it is wide open for you to make as fast or as slow of a turn as you want. If the majority of your family is in the beginner range, go to the top of Peak Five Chair and take Harmony all the way down the mountain.  Not the most technical terrain, but the experts will be equally thrilled because of the breathtaking scenery from the trail—incredible mountain views, peppered with glimpses of the gorgeous houses that make up The Colony.  Truly a run that is unique to Canyons.


Richardson doing a TV interview after winning the North American Freeskiing Championships at nearby Snowbird in 2012.

Place for Dinner:

The Farm is one of the best dinner spots in all of Park City and it's right smack dab in the middle of the village. Their creative farm-to-table cuisine uses locally sourced produce and is sure to impress your palate. If you are looking for something more casual, but equally delicious, dine at Red Tail Grill and order their fantastic burger or the shrimp tacos.

Place for Aprés:

The aprés scene at Canyons is almost as varied as the ski terrain. Your first stop should be Ski Beach —looking up Doc’s run you can watch the last skiers of the day come down while catching a few rays in the lounge chairs sans helmet and goggles. Then, there are some questions to be asked, luckily with no wrong answers: Beers and burgers? Head to the Umbrella Bar—ski boots and goggle tans, although not mandatory, are welcomed. Glass of wine and easy ambience? The Farm is for you. With their award-winning wine collection and a gourmet menu (while still affordable) you can hang at the bar or take your goodies outside. Cocktails and creative cuisine? Look for Alpine House. Their cocktail-inspired menu was actually created to compliment their concoctions. Super swanky and intimate surroundings only further enhance the experience.