Renoun skis unveils ‘Trump vs. Clinton’ ski

A ski maker is poking fun at the crazy 2016 presidential election by making a pair of skis that highlights what he perceives to be some of the worst qualities of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

Renoun Skis, based out of Burlington, Vermont, recently released its “Trump vs. Clinton” skis.

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The skis depict both candidates as caricatures with Clinton — the Democratic candidate — on the left and Trump — the Republican candidate — on the right.

The design of the skis profiles some of the controversies that have contributed to Trump and Clinton at one point being the two least popular presidential candidates of the last 30 years of ABC News/Washington Post polling.

On Trump’s ski, there are graphics showing a border wall, as well as a cartoon depiction of others making fun of his “tiny hands,” which the real estate mogul is notoriously sensitive about.

Trump vs. hillary skis

The team at Renoun decided the best way to handle the crazy 2016 election was to turn the candidates into skis. Photo: Courtesy of Renoun Skis

On Clinton’s ski, there is a cartoon depicting a collection of emails in a trash can and a money bag labeled “Clinton Foundation,” referencing the hacked emails between the Clinton Foundation and foreign governments that are being released by Wikileaks.

The skis were designed by graphic artist Jamie Tam, under the direction of Renoun founder, Cyrus Schenck.

“I gave Jamie some sketches, he was like, ‘All right, I got this,'” Schenck told the Burlington Free Press. “He went to town. There’s so much detail.”

Trump vs. hillary skis

The skis in all their glory. Photo: Courtesy of Renoun Skis

“It’s one of those things we expect people to hang on their wall,” Schenck continued. “It is artwork … We didn’t hold back on this.”

Schenck also insists that these are legitimate high performance skis. Which, given the $2,016 price tag, is reassuring.

Trump vs. hillary skis

The skis poke fun at the size of Trump’s hands. Photo: Courtesy of Renoun Skis

This isn’t Renoun’s first foray into politics: Earlier this year the company created a “Feel the Bern” ski to celebrate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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