Rob Heule’s cross-Canadian urban skiing experiment

Rob Heule taking the road less traveled in Toronto; screenshot taken from video.

Rob Heule taking the road less traveled in Toronto; screenshot from video

Calgary, Alberta, freeskier Rob Heule and his buddy Mack Jones didn't need a mountain to go skiing this winter; they just needed a rental RV and a little imagination. Using the entirety of Canada as a canvas, the urban skiers slid, flipped, and bonked their way from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, proving once and for all that you can ski pretty much anywhere.

"We were trying to make something that's relatable to people and will make them want to go out and have a good time, y'know," said Heule in a Powder magazine interview. "We're doing our own thing and trying to showcase what's good around here."

That showcase came in the form of an 18-minute edit filmed over 40 days and 5,524 miles. Eighteen minutes too long for your taste? Well, listen up, and listen good: Meanwhile in Canada is nothing to sleep on.

The crew of urban skiers sticks to metal and concrete over deep powder and big drops, a change of pace for the normal ski-movie viewer. Still, there is no question Heule and Jones both are talented and creative, turning urban landscapes into their own personal playgrounds. Rails that drop, curve, and twist are no match for the urban ski wizards, the pair actually making the impossible look fun.

There certainly are challenges with a life on the road—bad food, mechanical breakdowns, and clogged toilets, among others—but Heule and his gang seem to embrace the bumps as part of the journey as if to say it's just another day in the Great White North.

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