Have you seen 2015’s best ski movies?

Keep the powder dream alive with five of the best ski flicks of 2015. Screenshot taken from video.

Keep the powder dream alive with five of the best ski flicks of 2015.

The East Coast, California and Colorado are officially spinning lifts and the rest of North America isn’t far behind as ski season is once again knocking on the door. It’s the beautiful time of year when preseason rituals start up in earnest, from finding (and maybe washing) all of last year’s gear to throwing an extra set of squats into the workout.

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But one of the best fall traditions for any skier has to be the ski movie -- a dazzling display of our favorite mountain athletes and a reminder that it won’t be long until we’re up flying downhill too. To get the juices flowing, we at GrindTV decided to make a list of our favorite ski flicks of the season. So grab a hot cider, throw on the thick socks and click into 2015’s best ski movies. Remember: Winter is just around the corner.

Level 1, "Small World"

The boys from Colorado have been making ski movies for more than 15 years, but this year it was a girl who stole the show. Tatum Monod burned the house down with her segment, dropping cliffs, spinning jumps and generally ripping any terrain that crossed her path.

Featuring some of the best skiers in freeskiing (jumps, urban, park, backcountry, big mountain), Small World is proof that Level 1 continues to up its game year after year. A nod as Film of the Year at the iF3 Awards doesn’t hurt either.

Legs of Steel, "Passenger"

A year after foregoing its annual movie to produce a parody flick, the European crew is back with the heavy-hitting Passenger. For those who like adrenaline-pumping skiing on high-consequence lines (not to mention a killer metal soundtrack to back it up), Passenger delivers. Action spans three continents as the Legs of Steel posse gives Old Man Winter a serious facelift on their way to one of the most exciting ski movies of 2015.

Nimbus Independent, "After the Sky Falls"

For all the soulful skiers out there, After the Sky Falls hits all the right notes as legends Pep Fujas, Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre and Chris Benchetler travel the globe in search of deep turns and smooth airs. Nimbus has mastered the dream sequence, bringing viewers into their slo-mo world as they make the impossible look like floating. Seriously, never has turning looked so ... well ... cool.

It’s easy to get poetic when you talk about these guys, but they bring that element into their skiing and always manage to put together some of the most striking visuals in the process. This is a movie for the wanderlusters.

Teton Gravity Research, "The Sammy C Project"

What do you get when you give the most dynamic athlete in freeskiing a big-money budget and two years to make something happen? Well, that would be The Sammy C Project, of course. Featuring Sammy Carlson, an X Games gold medalist turned big-mountain wizard, the flick will be released at the end of this month -- and the teaser is out of this world.

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Pillow lines, massive backcountry booters on top of mountain peaks and a jump session off of an Olympic-size ski jump (including a harrowing backward drop-in) are just a few of the things that have us all wondering what Sammy C will come up with next.

Super Proof Inc., "The Masquerade"

Two years ago, Red Bull poster child Sean Pettit stepped away from major production companies to try something a little different. After giving birth to his production company, Super Proof Inc., and an inaugural film, The Recruitment, Pettit followed up with The Masquerade this year, and it’s fair to say another year behind the lens definitely shows.

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It doesn’t hurt that Pettit is back from injury and actually skiing in his film. Part plot-driven drama, part skiing, this is definitely the weirdest film on this list, but in this case that isn’t such a bad thing.

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