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Minus the price of a movie ticket, ski webisodes bring us around the world every week. Screenshot taken from video

Don’t tell my bosses, but as the weather gets colder and the snow stacks up around the world (well at least parts of the world), I’m having a hard time thinking about work or the task at hand. It’s ski season dagnabbit, and on top of daydreaming my productivity has slowly descended into an Internet abyss of weather reports, gear browsing, and, of course, ski webisodes.

Luckily for you guys and gals, I’ve done enough Internet procrastination for the lot of us, and figured out that some of the best stuff on the web right now is being released on a semi-regular schedule. In fact, several big-name productions companies have dipped into the webisode format, releasing quality content on a weekly, or at least monthly, basis.

For those who need to get their ski fix in during the workday, here are five web series that any self-respecting weekend warrior should add to the Favorite tab. Happy holidays powderhounds.

Salomon Freeski TV

The MVP of the web series game, Salomon Freeski TV is in its eighth season and doesn’t show any sign of slowing up anytime soon.  From big mountains, to skiing through burned out forests, to triggering avalanches via explosives tossed from helicopters, Salomon Freeski TV covers all of the bases that make skiing our favorite winter activity. If you need a mid-week pick-me-up, there is bound to be at least one in the series’ nearly 80 videos that will get the blood pumping.

Ski the East: Spectral

For years, Meathead Films has been the go-to ski film company of the East Coast, releasing feature-length movies since the late 1990s. But Meathead and perpetual stoke provider Ski the East decided to refocus their efforts last season, moving into high-quality web series. This year the crew is rolling out its newest series, “Spectral,” which promises to feature some of the best skiing east of the Mississippi in digestible portions over the entire season. They dropped their first episode, “Cannon Mountain Mission,” last week and will continue to release edits throughout the season.

Line Traveling Circus

The guys from the Line Traveling Circus have found a formula that works—be goofy, be creative, and ski your face off. Primarily the brainchild of jibbers Will Wesson and Andy Parry, the circus is a rotating bunch of park and backyard skiers that travels across the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia in search of the next wild ski feature. Now in its seventh season, LTC is bound to make you laugh and leave you speechless in the same 10-minute webisode.

DPS Cinematic: The Shadow Campaign

The newest series on this list, the “Shadow Campaign” is the inaugural effort from DPS Cinematic, and takes us around the world with a group of skiers hungry for the deepest snow and most exotic locations in the world. In typical DPS fashion, the ski company is going quality over quantity, releasing four episodes in its first year with plans on more in seasons to come. The series’ third installment takes a trek to the depths of the Andes, exploring a ski hut trip to Refugio Frey and a rather unique mountain friendship. This is definitely the wanderlust entry if there ever were one.

The Pat and Tats Show

Good luck finding anyone having more fun than Chris Tatsuno and Pat Sewell, the headliners of the “Pat and Tats Show.” The Aspen, Colorado, natives are hard chargers and good timers who have single-handedly brought the “Hot Dog … The Movie” passion back to skiing. Not sure what that means? Just think bump skiing, beer funneling, and denim—lots of denim. Keep your eyes peeled for the boys, and Petey the Penguin, this season.

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