Skier dangling from chairlift gets unusual lift

Skier dangling from chairlift

Rescuer is pulled up to a skier dangling from a chairlift at Killington ski resort in Vermont. Photo is a screen grab from the video

A young skier somehow found himself dangling precariously from a chairlift at Killington ski resort in Vermont on Saturday. Facing more than a 20-foot drop, the kid managed to hang on until ski patrol came to the rescue.

But instead of having the skier drop into a net or pad below or fall into the hands of rescuers, as we've seen happen before in such cases, ski patrol did the unexpected. About four ski patrolmen pulled a rescuer up to the kid. Shaun Ganley captured the unusual rescue (and entertaining commentary by those around him) on video:

The ski patrol fashioned a rope to the Snowdon Quad chairlift and pulled a ski patrolman up to the kid. The rescuer managed to pull the kid back into the chairlift and to safety.

Then, undoubtedly, the ski patrolman gave the young skier a lecture on the do's and don'ts of riding a chairlift.

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