Without drone, skier uses foam airplane to film innovative edit; video

Nicolas Vuignier is one of the most innovative ski filmmaker in the business today.

He’s created a futuristic, slow-motion centrifuge edit that amassed 4 million views by tying an iPhone to a sling. He’s used black chalk pigment clouds to turn a ski edit into a piece of fine art that resembled a Rorshach test of sorts.

He is, in the words of POWDER, a self-made skier for the selfie generation.

And on Thursday, Vuignier released his new video creation, a two-minute edit where — in lieu of the high-tech drone cameras of today — he stuck a camera inside a simplistic foam airplane and tossed it in the air while he sessioned a terrain park to create what he has titled “the poor man’s selfie drone.”

To compile the 135 seconds of footage, Vuignier shirked the ease of using expensive new-age drones in favor of a device called the AER. The AER looks more like an old-school Nerf football than a piece of cutting edge film equipment, and the fact that the camera hits Vuignier multiple times while he is mid-air or sliding on a rail probably reveals that fact.

But, at the end of the day, the AER only costs $54 and seems like a durable, easy way for someone to get some aerial shots. And apparently — if you’re willing to put in the effort — you can create a pretty quality ski edit using one.

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