Skiers experience what it’s like inside an avalanche; ‘we had a big scare’

An avalanche in Zinal, Switzerland.

An avalanche in Zinal, Switzerland. Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

While enjoying fresh powder on the north face of La Meije in La Grave, France, skiers found themselves in a no-way-out position and could only brace themselves for the avalanche that was coming their way.

Rafael Prieto Herrera of Grenoble, France, wrote in WePowder that skiing conditions were “perfect in the forest” with 16 inches of fresh snow from the night before, but added that part of the cable car was closed due to high winds and avalanche danger.

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“In one of our runs, back to the village, this loose snow avalanche was naturally triggered when we were about to descent to the valley,” Herrera wrote.

This was his scary view as captured by a helmet camera:

Herrera said the avalanche was likely caused when a serac (a column of glacial ice) broke on the Meije Glacier. Fortunately, it appeared the ice column fell on the fresh powder and created a light cloud of snow that didn't completely bury the skiers.

“Nobody was hurt, but we had a big scare,” Herrera wrote. “We all had our safety equipment and had previously talked to the local guides. We were riding cautiously and didn’t [take a] risk.

“The mountain can be dangerous in spite of all that. Ride safe!!”

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