The best ski videos of 2013

Well 2013 is just about wrapped up, but it wasn't without its moments. Luckily for us, a whole boatload of those moments got captured on camera, immortalized on the mighty, mighty Interwebz for our viewing pleasure. We decided to sum up the year with a series of the best ski videos, so without further ado here is our "Best of 2013.”

Best of the best

Candide Thovex is the owner of some of the most impressive moments in freeskiing history, so it should come as no surprise that he released a banger edit this year. What should surprise you, however, is how smooth and natural the flying Frenchman's skiing is. While most professional skiers can throw together amazing edits, very few can link tricks in a resort setting the way Thovex does here. The GoPro video makes it feel like it's just another day on the hill for Candide—another day of corked spins off cat tracks and back flipping over cop cars that is.

Best holy s*%t moment

So big-mountain skiing is already pretty badass, but this ski video ups the ante in a big way. Steep, technical skiing at high speed not enough for you? How about we throw in a monster avalanche and a massive backflip? That's what freeskier Sverre Lillequist offered us in the middle of an actual competition run in last year's Swatch Skiers Cup. Watch it and try not to yell out loud—we double dog dare you.

Best powder

So. Much. Snow. The boys over at Nimbus Independent always seem to find it, and last year “it” was in Russia. I'm sure they could have done without the nasty leg injury, but still some impressive footage from the white room.

Best naked skiing

OK, we'll admit that there weren't many entries into this category, but seriously how awesome is this Sweetgrass Productions segment? Not only are there handfuls of skiers in the buff, there are handfuls of skiers in the buff ripping cliff lines and doing Lincoln loops off wind lips. The segment is part of Sweetgrass' 2013 flick "Valhalla," which took home Movie of the Year at this year's Powder Video Awards.

Best POV

A big thanks to the crew over at Newschoolers for picking this one up; here is a POV edit that you can't miss. British Columbia-based skier Nick McNutt mixes his solid trick repertoire with the bountiful natural terrain around his home to create this one-of-a-kind helmet cam edit. Try it on and see how it feels.

Best urban 

Dale Talkington used this edit to win Teton Gravity Research's inaugural Co-Lab Video Contest and it's pretty easy to see why. Kid straight slays any feature put in front of him and makes it look smooth and easy in the process. Congrats Dale.

Best fail

In arguably the most competitive ski video category of them all, Best Fail came down to personal experience, and while many of the other entries looked equally as painful, there is nothing quite as shaming as leaving your skis in the landing while you fly face first downhill. Can somebody say, “scorpion”?

We already can’t wait for 2014. Happy New Year everybody.

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