Follow one-legged skier into backcountry in new film

Vasu Sojitra

Vasu Sojitra, who lost his leg to a blood infection as a baby, is the subject of the inspiring short documentary Out on a Limb. Photo courtesy of

If you thought you worked hard to earn your turns, be prepared for a serious dose of reality.

Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg to a blood infection when he was just 9 months old. Common assumption would say he'd have a tough time walking, let alone flying down a mountain on skis with no help—but that's exactly what he does in the new documentary “Out on a Limb” from T-Bar Films and Columbia Sportswear.

The documentary—which has been nominated for two Powder awards including Best Short and Best Documentary—follows Sojitra as he wanders from summit peaks to avalanche zones in search of fresh lines completely unassisted.

"Having one leg isn't a big issue," Sojitra says in the film. "It's just a little bit of a hiccup in life that you can overcome. Disability is a myth."

The 7-minute short film, which debuted this week, was shot in Vermont's backcountry and the Chic-Choc Mountain Range and was a finalist in the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the winner of the Winter Wildlands Backcountry Film Festival.

Watch the documentary now:

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