Was it wrong to put skier’s horrific crash to music?

Sebastian Olsen, a skier from Norway, was fortunate to have only suffered a broken leg after a horrific crash that was captured on video (posted below). The footage underscores the danger of trying to negotiate huge jumps without being fully prepared. But another lesson here, in an age where so many dramatic events end up on video, is that your mishap could become a source for someone else’s amusement.

Rightly or wrongly, Olsen’s errant jump has been put to music and titled “Norwegian Skier Fail Remix,” by a Vimeo user named Pierre (posted below).

Pierre doesn’t seem to have malicious intent. He states in his description: “I did not shoot this. I found it on YouTube and wanted to add some tunes to it.”

Perhaps if Olsen was in good humor and watched Pierre’s video, he’d enjoy it. Or perhaps not.