‘Wingjump’ combines skiing and wingsuit flying, but to what end?

If you’ve ever wanted to attempt to look like a speedrider, but without any of the pesky dangers or actual flying abilities that skiing with a parachute entails, a new Indiegogo campaign for a product called the “Wingjump” might be just for you:

Developed by a group of French engineers, the Wingjump derives its styling from the wingsuits that skilled BASE jumpers and skydivers wear to mimic the ability to fly.

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“It all started with a typical conversation after a good kitesurf session,” Wingjump writes on its Indiegogo campaign. “The question was: What sport could make us safely combine skiing and free flying? Speedriding and [snowkiting] provide these sensations, but they are extreme sports, and can thus be dangerous.”

skiing wingsuit

Every year it seems like some eccentric ski invention comes out. The latest is the Wingjump. Photo: Courtesy of Indiegogo

“We tried to imagine a sport that would [be] safe, and that could be practiced with friends or family,” the product’s description continues. “Today, the two co-founders and their team are ready to turn Wingjump into THE new activity for this winter of 2016-2017!”

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The company notably doesn’t claim it can help you fly. Instead, it carefully says it can “improve your performance” and “multiply your sensations,” recreating the feeling of being lifted.

It does claim that by wearing the Wingjump you can glide and make your jumps longer, which seems dubious.

skiing wingsuit

This montage seems like it was ripped directly from some cheesy ’80s skiing movie.

So far, the Wingjump’s crowdfunding campaign has been pretty successful.

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The Wingjump has raised just over $19,000 in under 25 days on its initial fundraising goal of $22,000.

Early bird pricing is still available for anyone interested in buying a Wingjump, and the company hopes to ship by December 2016.

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