‘World of Adventure’ hits the slopes with pro skier Lynsey Dyer

“Most people will tell you the things you can’t do. But I’m going to keep doing it, keep skiing for as long as I live,” says professional skier Lynsey Dyer.

In this week’s ‘World of Adventure’, Dyer gives insight into her mental process, as well as her journey to success in skiing.

Dyer is an extreme freeskier, co-founder of the non-profit SheJumps, creator of the first-ever all-female ski film Pretty Faces, and still remains as determined as ever.

She is a well respected professional skier, but she still focuses on the journey that’s gotten her to where she is now.

She reflects, “Confidence, to me, is something you earn. It’s not a given. When people are looking for a magic bullet for confidence, it’s called showing up. Showing up over and over, you’ll develop the confidence, because you’ve put the work in.”

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